Every Fall we donated over 1000 pounds of turkey to the lower Fairfield County Food Bank which helped feed our local neighbors during one of the worst economic times Stamford has been through. We also raised thousands of dollars worth of food and donated a substantial amount of money.

Local Products – There are dozens of local items throughout LaRocca’s Country Market that you won’t find in the “BIG” Supermarkets like Wave Hill Bread from Wilton, Soffer Farm Eggs from Branford, or Guidas Milk. Just to name a few. Our produce is first Local, and second Domestic, and last imported usually due to season or weather.

Local Donations – Each fall we plan a BIG charity event to raise money and awareness of good causes in the area that need help. In 2009, our market donated $15,000 to the Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center. With your help (our customers) we raised $13,000 in just 4 hours!

Local Community – Everyone knows that on a typical weekend LaRocca’s Country Market is known to help the community or organization with good causes by allowing them to set up a table outside. Junior Achievement; they sell a product which raises money for scholarships. Veterans etc.

Local Employment – Most of our employees live in Stamford. Especially our part time cashiers who work after school/weekends and begin to save money for their future. We employ dozens of young adults who are eager to work and also find it difficult in these times.